Tea & Chai – for Winter & Summer Alike


Happy National Hot Tea Month!  Not a tea drinker? I wasn’t either. You might want to read on to find out what changed my mind – some chai! First of all, a warm beverage to sip is nice in this colder winter month as the days slowly get longer. Second, staying hydrated is hard toRead moreRead more

Sweet & Sour Quail Breasts


It’s quail season in much of the Southwest, so we thought we’d share this delightful way to prepare them.

Epic Eggs! A Book Review


Epic Eggs! Seriously! It is all about eggs! To celebrate National Egg Month (January) Monica King is here with a book review. The full title is Epic Eggs: The Poultry Enthusiasts Complete and Essential Guide to the Most Perfect Food. Jennifer Sartell, the author of this epic volume (Voyageur Press) wasn’t kidding! Jennifer answers mostRead moreRead more

Use Lemon to Make Your Own Cordials


Gifts that you make yourself are the best – because it shows you really care. Here are some tasty things to do with lemon or other citrus and give as gifts NEXT year! Make Your Own Lemon Gifts Yes, the holiday entertaining and gifting frenzy is winding down – but I still have a fewRead moreRead more

Desert Lavender Cookie-Cutter Cookies – Gluten-Free

The holidays cry out for cookie-cutter cookies. Our family always had lots – Hanukkah cookies including dreidels and elephants (for the one that Judah the Macabee’s brother heroically slew). Our Christmas cookies included decorated angels and Santa’s sleigh cookies. And what better way to celebrate the season than to add a taste of the SonoranRead moreRead more

Savor these Books – 2 Books Reviewed


These two books have links to the Southwest, and both will provide feast for you – one for the eyes and spirit, one for the tummies of you and any kids in your life. If you can find these books locally, that would be grand. Sixty-five percent of every dollar spent locally stays in theRead moreRead more

Scents of the Desert – Make A Sonoran Pomander


Pomanders and potpourri add fragrance to your space, just as creosote adds a lovely fragrance to our Sonoran desert world. Pomanders are more of something you create to hang in a space, like your closet, or wardrobe back in the day. Potpourri generally sits in a dish.  In this litigious age, Botanist Dr. Jacqueline SouleRead moreRead more

Pine – for Cooking, Healing, and the Holidays


Nothing like a pine tree at this time of year!  Did you know that it can be considered not just a holiday evergreen but also a medicinal and culinary herb?!  Recently, on her Gardening With Soule site, Jacqueline Soule discussed living pinetrees that you can use for decoration this holiday season, and then plant inRead moreRead more

A Useful Desert Broom


As cold and flu season approaches, I (Jacqueline Soule) would like to discuss a Sonoran plant to help treat colds, while it attracts bees, butterflies and other pollinators to your yard – the desert broom. Desert broom (Baccharis sarothroides) is a vigorous shrub – often the first plant to grow on a cleared stretch ofRead moreRead more

Appetizing Anise


Jacqueline Soule this week to discuss an herb that helps digestion – anise.  Sharing some uses in the kitchen, plus how to harvest this healthy herb. Anise Use Most of the anise plant is useful.  Seeds, fresh leaves, and flowers are used to promote digestion and to relieve stomach upsets. An infusion (tea) of theRead moreRead more