Welcome to the page where we are supposed to brag about us. Problem is – we don’t like to brag.

The authors for this site bring a wide range of skills to the table. We forage, wildcraft, grow, garden, harvest, prepare, and above all – savor! As “Savorists” we use plants, animals, and minerals native to the Southwest, plus introduced plants, animals, and minerals as well. We are thankful for the bounty bestowed. Please browse our pages and look at what we have to offer.

Our Current Regular Contributors

There are currently three regular contributors, and occasional guests.  We welcome guest posts!  Read more on this page -> here

Our editor, Ethnobotanist Dr. Jacqueline A. Soule.
Rancher and 3rd generation bee-keeper Monica Mikasa King.
Camera shy “Uncle Smokey,” our outdoor cooking guru.

Presentations and Classes Available

We can speak to your group – including through remote webinars!

Combined we have a vast array of knowledge! We cook, we garden, forage, raise chickens, ducks, and other animals, keep bees, rescue bees, have home orchards, harvest and use herbs and other products for cooking, health, crafts, not to mention writing books.

We are skilled at public speaking and can offer programs for an upcoming club meeting or other event.  Presentations are now also offered via a variety of distance learning options.

Online Classes

We now offer online classes for a small fee.  These are through the site New Zenler At this point we have two available and hope to add more really soon.

Make your own soothing lotion in Jacqueline’s online class. You can use these simple ingredients found in most kitchens!

Make Your Own Herbal Lotion

For a class on making your own lotion, visit our online class site – on New Zenler!

Note – this is a two step process.  First you sign up to be a member of the site (free), then you sign up (and pay) to take the class.







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