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The authors for this site bring a wide range of skills to the table.  We forage, wildcraft, grow, harvest, prepare, and above all – savor!  As “Savorists” we use plants, animals, and minerals native to the Southwest, and introduced plants, animals, and minerals as well.  We are thankful for the bounty bestowed.  Please browse our pages and look at what we have to offer.

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soule-gardening-southwestJacqueline A. Soule

Garden writer Jacqueline is a long-time Southwest gardener and award-winning garden writer. Of her thirteen books, nine are on gardening in the unique Southwestern climate. She has been a popular columnist for many years with weekly and monthly columns in a number of national, regional and local publications.  Jacqueline has a Ph.D., but she doesn’t flaunt her science education, a trait that makes her a popular speaker with green industry professionals and garden clubs alike.

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Monica M. King

Monica is a third generation bee-keeper living off-grid in Southern AZ. With no hard-wired source of electricity, she and her spouse eat a great deal of fresh seasonal foods, plus they dry or can the bounty for later enjoyment.  This makes for some delightful meals.

Monica and husband Dan also run a business offering prehistoric pottery – ThePrehistoricCollector.com.

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Uncle Smokey

savor-southwest-smokeyUncle Smokey is a self-confessed “old curmudgeon” in his fifth decade (Editors note – and he thinks that’s old!).  He makes a lot of bachelor meals, quick yet tasty.

The reason we twisted his arm to come on board is because he is our outdoor chef.  He uses gas and charcoal grills, wood-fired smoker, and campfire – all with great skill.  When he sets something out in the Dutch oven – well, we are all in for a tasty treat.  He also makes his own sausage, so be on the lookout for some mouthwatering posts.


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