Appetizing Anise


Jacqueline Soule this week to discuss an herb that helps digestion – anise.  Sharing some uses in the kitchen, plus how to harvest this healthy herb. Anise Use Most of the anise plant is useful.  Seeds, fresh leaves, and flowers are used to promote digestion and to relieve stomach upsets. An infusion (tea) of theRead moreRead more

Barrel Cactus Fruit – Lemony and Luscious Gluten Free Cake

Here in the Southwest, there are so many native plants that provide food for the table. One that has a hidden bounty at this time of year is the barrel cactus. Barrel cactus is the generic term for a number of species of large barrel-shaped cacti. The one with the most edible of fruit isRead moreRead more

Deer Heart – Corazon Asado con Salsa de Bandera


Monica King here to talk about one of my favorite places: a ranch in Sonora, Mexico. Not the border towns, but deeper into the heart where some of the most beautiful people and country exists. Where life is like the United States was – sixty years ago. Into the Heart of Sonora Our first stopRead moreRead more

Apple Walnut Salad – AKA Charoset


Jacqueline Soule here this week with one last honey recipe for National Honey Month.  I learned to make this Charoset salad back about the time we rode dinosaurs to school. My friend Sara’s “Bubbie” (grandmother) roped in us girls to help her in the kitchen. She nailed us because we were playing and giggling inRead moreRead more

Cooking With Honey – Some Tips


We have been asked for more background on the overall topic of cooking with honey.  We got together to create this post and offer this handful of hints and guidelines.  Since each of us cook and write with a different perspective, we hope you will find this article useful. From Uncle Smokey (the griller) HoneyRead moreRead more

Smoky Honey Onion Smothered Wild Salmon


Monica King here with a fun and delicious honey recipe using wild-caught salmon. Salmon in the Southwest? Sure! In this era of airplane travel, sometimes friends escape the heat and head to Alaska on a fishing trip. Failing friends with full ice chests, many local stores carry fresh salmon. Wild Versus Farm Salmon There areRead moreRead more

Honey Roasted Lamb Breast


Monica King here to share a new way of cooking an old family staple. Indeed, lamb has been a staple in my family for ages, it replaced many turkeys on the holiday tables. Although I do not raise any on my farm (yet) I always look for US grown cuts at my local grocery storeRead moreRead more

Savor Southwestern Iced Tea Treats

The tea industry has declared June “National Iced Tea Month.” Savorist Jacqueline Soule – on her site Gardening With Soule – discussed growing some native plants for herbal iced teas. Now, let’s look at using those natives plus other tasty Southwestern plants to forage (or landscape with) and use for herbal iced tea. Sweet Tea?Read moreRead more

Veggie Fritters – Gluten-Free


In Arizona there are a few different charitable groups that help keep food waste out of the landfill with a super low-cost distribution system. One is “Produce on Wheels Without Waste.”  This a great concept – but what do you do with 60 pounds of a mix of zucchini, yellow squash and Mexican grey squash? Read moreRead more

Time to Tune Your Gas Grill


At our home, we don’t use the outdoor gas grill much in the winter, preferring to use the oven and help warm the house. Besides, by dinner preparation time in winter it’s often dark outside. But now – it’s warmed up, sun goes down late, and no way do I want to heat the house.Read moreRead more