A Useful Desert Broom


As cold and flu season approaches, I (Jacqueline Soule) would like to discuss a Sonoran plant to help treat colds, while it attracts bees, butterflies and other pollinators to your yard – the desert broom. Desert broom (Baccharis sarothroides) is a vigorous shrub – often the first plant to grow on a cleared stretch ofRead moreRead more

The Backyard Beekeeper – Book Review

Monica King here, a third generation beekeeper with a beekeeping book review. “The Backyard Beekeeper” (Quarto Publishing) is written by Kim Flottum. Mr. Flottum has been the editor of “Bee Culture” magazine for the past thirty some years. At the magazine he finds answers to questions sent in by beekeepers of all experience levels. ItRead moreRead more

Apple Walnut Salad – AKA Charoset


Jacqueline Soule here this week with one last honey recipe for National Honey Month.  I learned to make this Charoset salad back about the time we rode dinosaurs to school. My friend Sara’s “Bubbie” (grandmother) roped in us girls to help her in the kitchen. She nailed us because we were playing and giggling inRead moreRead more

Cooking With Honey – Some Tips


We have been asked for more background on the overall topic of cooking with honey.  We got together to create this post and offer this handful of hints and guidelines.  Since each of us cook and write with a different perspective, we hope you will find this article useful. From Uncle Smokey (the griller) HoneyRead moreRead more

Tasty Honey Topping

Being in a lasting relationship involves compromise. In ours, one issue is the ice cream flavor on the rare occasions we do buy ice cream. Rather than trade off over chocolate or vanilla and have one person grumpy, we buy basic vanilla and “doctor” it with home made toppings, nuts, and other tasty treats. (Don’tRead moreRead more

Ancient Desert Treat for Today – Chia Honey Banana Pudding

Monica King today to ask you – Looking for a healthy paleo desert? Here is a wonderfully light pudding using chia seeds that fits perfectly into your diet and is extremely versatile. Chia The key ingredient to this dessert is chia seeds. These seeds are hydrophilic, they can absorb over ten times their weight whenRead moreRead more

Smoky Honey Onion Smothered Wild Salmon


Monica King here with a fun and delicious honey recipe using wild-caught salmon. Salmon in the Southwest? Sure! In this era of airplane travel, sometimes friends escape the heat and head to Alaska on a fishing trip. Failing friends with full ice chests, many local stores carry fresh salmon. Wild Versus Farm Salmon There areRead moreRead more

Honey Barbecue Marinade

“Uncle Smokey” here this week to share a marinade sauce I created and have been refining for barbequing beef or chicken. I use it before cooking, as a marinade, and during cooking, to help infuse flavor. I confess, I have not written much yet on this site, mostly because it’s summertime in the Southwest. DuringRead moreRead more

Honey Roasted Lamb Breast


Monica King here to share a new way of cooking an old family staple. Indeed, lamb has been a staple in my family for ages, it replaced many turkeys on the holiday tables. Although I do not raise any on my farm (yet) I always look for US grown cuts at my local grocery storeRead moreRead more

Dress Those Greens with Sweetness


Mom used to nag, “Eat your vegetables!” I would gag them down, but my little kid taste buds didn’t like spinach served with a dash of vinegar. Why hadn’t Mom ever served cooked greens with salad dressing instead of plain cider vinegar? Vegetables taste great dressed with something designed to enhance greens! Meanwhile medical researchersRead moreRead more