Deer Heart – Corazon Asado con Salsa de Bandera


Monica King here to talk about one of my favorite places: a ranch in Sonora, Mexico. Not the border towns, but deeper into the heart where some of the most beautiful people and country exists. Where life is like the United States was – sixty years ago. Into the Heart of Sonora Our first stopRead moreRead more

Ancient Desert Treat for Today – Chia Honey Banana Pudding

Monica King today to ask you – Looking for a healthy paleo desert? Here is a wonderfully light pudding using chia seeds that fits perfectly into your diet and is extremely versatile. Chia The key ingredient to this dessert is chia seeds. These seeds are hydrophilic, they can absorb over ten times their weight whenRead moreRead more

Time for Some Thyme – Soup


Summer time is an excellent time for thyme soup. Soup in summer is super! As we sweat during the day we lose minerals (electrolytes) and while there are drinks that claim to restore electrolytes, they are sugar-laced and of questionable overall health benefit. Besides, I prefer sipping something savory over sipping something sweet. Finding ThymeRead moreRead more

Use Herbs Wisely

As many of you know, I am Dr. Jacqueline Soule – but the doctorate is in Botany, not medicine. That doesn’t stop people from asking me health questions, if anything, it elicits more! Everyone has heard of some wonderful herb that is going to cure all their woes, and they want to ask me aboutRead moreRead more

Smoky Honey Onion Smothered Wild Salmon


Monica King here with a fun and delicious honey recipe using wild-caught salmon. Salmon in the Southwest? Sure! In this era of airplane travel, sometimes friends escape the heat and head to Alaska on a fishing trip. Failing friends with full ice chests, many local stores carry fresh salmon. Wild Versus Farm Salmon There areRead moreRead more

Grilled Zucchini


Uncle Smokey here again in after only one week. I got my arm twisted because August 8 is National “Sneak Some Zucchini on you Neighbor’s Porch Day.” Well, I wish somebody would celebrate this national holiday in my direction! I love the taste of grilled zucchini. It’s even tasty the next day as leftovers, butRead moreRead more

Honey Barbecue Marinade

“Uncle Smokey” here this week to share a marinade sauce I created and have been refining for barbequing beef or chicken. I use it before cooking, as a marinade, and during cooking, to help infuse flavor. I confess, I have not written much yet on this site, mostly because it’s summertime in the Southwest. DuringRead moreRead more

Desert Mistletoe Is Edible


This week, Jacqueline Soule is here to discuss a plant that can be highly useful – desert mistletoe. There are many species of mistletoe around the world, parasitic and hemi-parisitic on a number of trees. The mistletoe plants are all toxic. The berries of almost all species are toxic. The one exception is the SonoranRead moreRead more

Go Wild – Drink Some Roses


As it heats in the Southwestern valleys, many of us head to higher elevations, seeking coolness. Some Southwesterners live in higher elevations all year long (think Flagstaff or Santa Fe.) Either way, a charming wild plant to forage has city garden cousins, and both are wonderful to use – the wild rose! Which Roses TheRead moreRead more

Dress Those Greens with Sweetness


Mom used to nag, “Eat your vegetables!” I would gag them down, but my little kid taste buds didn’t like spinach served with a dash of vinegar. Why hadn’t Mom ever served cooked greens with salad dressing instead of plain cider vinegar? Vegetables taste great dressed with something designed to enhance greens! Meanwhile medical researchersRead moreRead more