Epic Eggs! Seriously! It is all about eggs!

To celebrate National Egg Month (January) Monica King is here with a book review. The full title is Epic Eggs: The Poultry Enthusiasts Complete and Essential Guide to the Most Perfect Food. Jennifer Sartell, the author of this epic volume (Voyageur Press) wasn’t kidding! Jennifer answers most every question about eggs, except the long disputed “which came first…the chicken or the egg?”


How do you cook an egg?

What I love about this book is the simple instructions for cooking an egg. Perfect for the beginner cook and would make a wonderful wedding gift! Why a wedding gift? From my own experience every married couple likes their eggs done differently. Okay, I could be wrong, but I cannot eat an egg that is over hard cooked, with a broken yolk. However, my husband, Dan, actually prefers them this way. My eggs, like my dad’s, have to be sunny side up, also known as over-easy. Meanwhile, my mom enjoys her yolks hard. Dad, after 48 years of marriage, still prefers to make his own. So dad might say that my mom needs this book.


When someone tells me that one of their kids doesn’t like eggs, I ask how did you prepare them? One kid may like over hard, one over easy. Try to prepare them in different ways, I know a person that only will eat eggs that are poached. Another person that will only eat them scrambled. So to bring me back to the book, if you only know one way to make eggs, or have never made eggs on your own, the instructions are simple to follow.

We also have some egg recipes on our site.  Like egg salad or thyme soup – a type of egg-drop soup.

Egg Terminology Eggsplained

Have you ever stood at the grocery store in the egg department and stared at all the choices? Ever wondered what all the terminology means? Why are some eggs so much more expensive than others? The author breaks down the egg jargon for you.


Out here in Avra Valley, my farm chickens are not vegetarians, they get to chase lizards and scratch for worms and grubs. Imagine my surprise when I read that you can buy eggs from vegetarian hens! Some people assume that this is healthier for the birds, but they have to be caged to prevent them from foraging for crickets, grasshoppers, and other yummy bugs. It makes complete sense that chickens forage for protein. It takes a protein-rich diet to produce protein-rich eggs.

Monica’s flock of fowl is a diverse one. Here they enjoy some mature kale leaves.

Living off grid means lots of work – but many enjoyable moments. Seriously, you are missing something if you have never laid bets on two hens fighting over a giant grasshopper or a long juicy centipede! It is just what chickens do.


All Sorts of Eggs

This is not just about chickens – after all, the title is “Epic Eggs.” Jennifer includes the eggs of geese, turkeys, ducks, guinea fowl, and quail! She notes qualities and uses for eggs from these other poultry lines.

You can purchase quail eggs at some area markets.

Savor-rating-five-stars Five Stars!

You don’t have to raise your own backyard feathered friends to enjoy this book. “Epic Eggs” will give you the ins and outs of the egg, from anatomy to color. Learn all about what goes into putting eggs on your table, from breeding, raising, and quality controls. This is the “Essential Guide to the Most Perfect Food.”


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