Gifts for People Who Savor the Southwest Life

Tis’ the season to start thinking about buying gifts for the people in your life.

Something for Everyone

This year, the writers here at checked out the websites and flipped through some of the catalogs to find some awesome gifts for everyone on your shopping list. All these gifts can be purchased online for fast delivery in time for the gift-giving celebrations.

And if not great gadgets and accessories – well, there are always wonderful books to choose from.

Note – some of the links on this page go to Amazon. None of us Savorists nor get any money from this gift guide, however the Arizona-based Horticulture Therapy non-profit Tierra del Sol Institute may get a few pennies at no additional cost to you.

Specifically from Uncle Smokey

savor-southwest-giftsMore of these smoking pellets from Bear Mountain BBQ please! It finally cooled down enough for me to try them – and I LOVE these pellets for smoking. I have a traditional smoker so I still have to have fire, but then I add these to the fire and they burn well for delightful flavor to the meat! I have also tried making a foil packet with pellets inside and piercing the top of the packet. That works too.

One of the things I like about this company is their policy of using only sustainably harvested woods. Goes well with our Savor the Southwest motto “We harvest in a sustainable fashion and encourage you do the same.” You can order them from

Ideas from the Other Savorists

Gifts for the Kitchen

Shoham’s Pomegranate Tool

savor-southwest-giftsThis simple device is ideal for removing pomegranate seeds in less than 2 minutes without the frustration or splashy mess. It is made from BPA-free materials and comes in a 3 piece set – with flexible dome lid, de-seeding grid, and catch bowl with pour spout. The pomegranate aril seeds quickly and easily fall into the collection bowl ready to enjoy, and for most of you reading this – dishwasher safe for easy cleanup. Shoham’s Pomegranate Tool


Egg Skelter Egg Rack

savor-gifts-eggsMade of sturdy powder-coated steel, this cool-looking rack keeps your fresh eggs safely stored, and holds up to 20 eggs. Much safer than the old style basket, and has a elegant appearance – a useful decoration for your kitchen! Comes in black, white, or chrome to match most kitchens. Egg Skelter Rack



Gifts For the Homestead:

Piteba Nut and Seed Oil Expeller Press

gifts-savor-oilWe talk about jojoba every so often on Savor the Southwest – and we really want to try this out to extract our own jojoba oil for our entirely home-made soaps and lotions with nothing store bought!

Piteba touts this as a wonderful addition to a healthy lifestyle or small farm, with high extraction efficiency, continuous expelling, manually operated (no electricity for all us off-gridders). Made in Holland, they quite honestly state “almost no maintenance required,” meaning that like anything, you have to keep it cleaned and oiled. Piteba Oil Expeller

Afoskce Solar LED Light Bulb

savor-gift-solarMonica keeps chickens and would like this handy portable Solar LED Light Bulb for use in the coop. Energy saving, long life expectancy, and rechargeable. The system is composed of solar panel, light source, connectors, and battery.  Monica also keeps bees, but that is a whole different gift list!  Afoskce Solar LED Light Bulb



Books as Gifts

No gift list is complete without books (IMHO). Books are one gift that is easy to ship to friends far away, plus they never go out of style.

101 Things to Do With A Pickle

gift-savor-pickleCompiled by Eliza Smith and published by Gibbs Smith Publishing (no relation) – this is an inexpensive yet charming cookbook. From pickle pigs in a blanket, to pickle sliders, ranging through slow-cooker pickle pork, and even some pickle desserts!

Even if you never make any of these pickle dishes this entertaining little book would make a fun stocking stuffer for the witty one of the family. Order from Gibbs Smith Publishing

Which Fork Do I Use With My Bourbon?

gifts-savor-burbonBy Peggy Noe Stevens & Susan Reiglar (South Limestone Publishing, part of University of Kentucky Press). This book offers some lovely drinks recipes plus many great tips on setting the table for dinners, cocktail parties, tastings, and other fun social events.

We skip the Super Bowl but often have a Kentucky Derby party – so the tips there are very helpful (including how to make a true Kentucky Mint Julep)! What I like about this book is that it “invites appreciation, not inebriation” (with a tip of the hat to Hugo Award winner Lois McMaster Bujold for that apt turn of phrase).  Order from South Limestone Publishing

Cluck: A Book of Happiness

savor-gifts-bookThis book is one to bring joy and smiles to anyone that dips into it’s pages. Cluck, produced by Exisle Publishing, is “A book of happiness for chicken lovers.” Says so on the cover.

But really, you don’t need to love chickens to love the photos and and useful life mottoes. Get this one for anyone in your life that needs a reminder that life is too short to not breathe deep and enjoy the moment.  Exisle Publishing is from “Down Under” but they have fast delivery. Their Facebook page has some current holiday sales offers too.



Final Note

Before we close – the cats wish me to remind you that they are part of the family. They want catnip! Lots of catnip!savor-cats-gifts

Next year we will offer some fun (and durable) hand-made catnip toys on our website, not to mention our own cookbook published back in March – but 2020 has been quite a year with hackers, health issues, and more. Just happy to be on this side of the grass and treading water.

Stay Safe everybody & Happy Holidays!

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