Gluten Free Pan Bread (Pan Plano)

Last week I shared the mini-recipe for Dutch Baby/Pan Plano because this recipe is what I used to test a number of gluten-free flours from Pereg Foods.  For preparation details, Dutch Baby Delight posted 2 weeks ago – link here.  With thanks to our four taste testers – the results are in!

Gluten Free Flour Options

There are many gluten-free flour options to try, and what we discovered is that they generally bring some modicum of flavor with them.  Some gluten-free flours are great for savory dishes and some are better for cooking sweet dishes. Some are neutral enough that you can use them either way.

If you have allergies to soy or kidney beans (two common legume allergies) then avoid mesquite flour, garbanzo flour, peanut flour, and any blend that includes them.  We tested 2 flours from Pereg foods, and one other that I had on hand.  The contestants were: almond (a nut), banana (a fruit), and teff (a seed).

Cook it Up

I prepared the Dutch Babies like normal, and tried to keep tabs on how long each one was in the oven.  Sadly, one stayed in a tad too long and got a bit crispy on the edges.  Cook’s fault, not the flour’s fault.

They all looked highly similar before they were cooked.


Almond – teff – banana. Three pan planos’s to cut in quarters and serve to the testers.

Testers tried the pan planos plain at first, and ruled “okay.”  Because we were having brunch, they expecting more of a pancake-like sweet breakfast dish.  We got out the Washingtonia date syrup and this pleased the palates!

Results (out of five):

Banana flour – 4.9 sweet and slightly crispy for a breakfast pan plano, didn’t fluff much but good flavor.

Almond flour – 4.5 fairly bland, enjoyable, fluffiest.  (We have since made more to accompany other meals.)

Teff flour – 4.4 “interesting” taste to it, might be better for dinner with beans, cooked up differently.  (With this in mind, I later made a teff peanut butter cookie that that got rave reviews.  We will share that later.)

Why We Like Pereg

We do like the flours offered by Pereg, because they care about the consumers – and have the certifications to prove it, including gluten-free, GMO-free, Kosher certified, plus Made in the USA.  The Pereg website includes many useful recipes of how to use their products, handy if you are new to gluten-free baking.


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savor-honey-dutchPan Plano would taste great with a drizzle of honey!  For other ways to use honey you need our new cookbook. Using Honey in New and Savory Ways. This link is to Amazon and if you buy the book there the Horticulture Therapy non-profit Tierra del Sol Institute will get a few pennies at no additional cost to you.

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