We offer books, herbal soaps, honey, beeswax, and more.  We are working to set this site up so you can make your purchase and have it shipped.

Do you like the above lotion bar made with local bees wax and jojoba oil?  Want to learn how to make some?  Classes will be on our Facebook page.

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We have joined with the local non-profit Tierra del Sol Institute to offer these books.  Your purchase of these books from the giant Amazon will help the tiny local Tucson non-profit offer Horticulture Therapy programs in a number of Tucson-area nursing homes.  More about them here: Tierra del Sol Institute

Books by Dr. Jacqueline A. Soule

What the reviewers have to say:

“Jacqueline Soule, is a Tucson-based gardening expert. She knows this arid region inside and out, and she’s written countless articles and numerous books packed with her gardening advice. Her books help beginner and advanced gardener alike succeed in the Southwests unique gardening climate.”

Southwest Fruit & Vegetable Gardening –

Master the art of edible gardening in the beautiful southwestern United States. Southwest Fruit & Vegetable Gardening (Amazon link) is written exclusively for gardeners who want to grow edibles in Arizona, New Mexico, or Nevada. Author Jacqueline Soule shares her bountiful knowledge of edibles for the Southwest region.  The book equips you with the information you need to design your edible garden.  Included are how to tend the soil and maintain your plants in health throughout their life cycle.  Best of all – how to harvest each fruit or vegetable at their peak for the delicious foods they produce!

So whether you live in the Las Vegas suburbs, the colder mountain reaches of New Mexico or in the baking heat of Phoenix, this book will help you grow food.  Indeed, the book works for anywhere in the Southwest region!  You’ll discover the best fruit and vegetable plants for your garden. Before you know it you’ll have delicious fresh fruits and vegetables on your table.


Month-by-Month Gardening for Arizona, Nevada, & New Mexico

A great reference book is key to successful gardening in the region where you live. Arizona, Nevada & New Mexico Month-by-Month Gardening (Amazon link) takes the guesswork out of gardening for anyone residing in the Southwest. Above all, with this book, you’ll know what to do each month to enjoy a thriving garden all year – from January through December. Chronologically organized, this guide is full of critical gardening when-to and how-to advice, along with illustrated step-by-step instructions.

Inside, readers find brilliant garden photography and the most current information available. Each chapter comes with specific advice on growing flowers, edibles, trees, groundcovers, lawns, and more.  You’ll not find a better reference book. From planting to watering and fertilizing, and from maintenance to problem solving, Arizona, Nevada & New Mexico Month-by-Month Gardening shows all levels of gardeners the best practices for gardening in climates and weather conditions of all kinds.

Father Kino’s Herbs: Growing & Using Them Today

Award-winning garden writer Jacqueline A. Soule has created a fascinating book on the life of Father Eusebio Francisco Kino.  This book looks at 25 introduced herbs plus 25 herbs native to the region, an area called the Pimeria Alta.

Father Kino, born in what is now Italy, arrived in the Pimeria Alta in March 1687.  He then worked for 24 years to make the lives of the natives living there better, protecting them from slavery in the Spanish mines. Father Kino and other Jesuits introduced some Old World herbs and discovered some New World plants unknown in Europe.  Dr. Soule shares how to grow and use 50 different herbs in this information packed book.



Book by Matt Johnson

also carried by the non-profit Tierra del Sol Institute


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