Why do reviews?  Did you know that many desert trees put silica (glass molecules) in their cells to keep from being eaten?!  Well it works – and it plays havoc with many garden tools.  Find out which ones can stand the test of time!

This page will feature reviews of products and tools that will help you as you forage, cook, care for your yard, your garden, care for your livestock, keep bees, and more.

Books and products we review might be available locally – and if so we will share that.  We may also offer links to Amazon because we live remotely and understand that running into town for stuff can cost a lot in terms of time and resources.

Disclaimer – If you purchase from Amazon we may make a few pennies.  Also if you link to Amazon from our site we understand that you can still sign into your Amazon Smile account that helps charities.  If you don’t have an Amazon Smile account, might we recommend Tierra del Sol Institute, a local non-profit that does Horticulture Therapy in Tucson-area nursing homes.