Rebuilding This Site

We are in the process of rebuilding after hackers destroyed all our work.  They got in, possibly looking for money, and when they couldn’t find any, they burned the house to the ground.

Rebuilding Takes Time

Please bear with us as we rebuild and work in two directions at once – put the old recipes and articles, and Savor Safely information back up, PLUS write and post new material each week!  This will take some time – over 60 articles, plus pictures!  All the pictures are gone too of course.

We are working so that you (and we) never again get this screen of death.

You Can Help Us

Rebuilding a new, super secure site costs money.  We are NOT asking for money from you.  And we will continue to support the Horticulture Therapy non-profit Tierra del Sol Institute by linking products to their Amazon Affiliate account.

How you can help is SIMPLE! 

Simply sign up for our free weekly newsletter.  It will help if you open it every so often.  You can also like and follow us on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube.  The more followers we have, the higher we go in Google rankings, and the more likely we are to get advertisers to pay us money. 

We are not asking for something for nothing! 

Sign up for our weekly email newsletter and we will send you our FREE! PDF Guide – Ten Easy Herb & Spice Blends for Fast Flavor.

You Can Also Buy Our Books

Right now our books are also through Tierra del Sol and Amazon, but as rebuilding continues we will build this into a site where you can purchase them directly from us.  Meanwhile our books can be found around Tucson at Antigone Bookstore, Rillito Nursery, and Tucson Botanical Gardens.  

The newest book – Using Honey in New & Savory Ways is available at Mark’s Ace Hardware on Campbell & Glenn.







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