Savor the Southwest – Safely!

Our full motto is: appreciating, nurturing, and using the products of the Southwest.

We harvest in a sustainable fashion and encourage you do the same.

Your food safety is important.  Many Southwest plants have very specific steps to follow to insure health.  From time to time we will post those harvesting guidelines in our blog.

Quick links to them are here:

Mesquite – Harvest Safely.



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Cooking Tips

We share cooking tips from time to time in our blog.  Please sign up for our newsletter to be notified of each new post.  Best of all – the newsletter will feature forage of the week (in most weeks) offer some cooking tips + plus little recipes that aren’t blog length.



Disclaimer: The authors of this blog have researched the edibility of the materials we discuss, however, humans vary in their ability to tolerate different foods.  Individuals consuming flowers, plants, animals, or derivatives mentioned on this site and in our blogs do so entirely at their own risk. The authors on this site cannot be held responsible for any adverse reaction.  In case of doubt, please consult your doctor.