These two books have links to the Southwest, and both will provide feast for you – one for the eyes and spirit, one for the tummies of you and any kids in your life.

If you can find these books locally, that would be grand. Sixty-five percent of every dollar spent locally stays in the local economy rather than going to some mega-corp in a galaxy far far away. To find a local bookstore near you, use the “Indie Bookstore Finder (.org!)” website. Of course, you can also use Amazon or the publishers.


Feast Your Eyes

For a bit of background, I trained as a photographer. Spent hours and hours behind a viewfinder and in the dark room – fiddling to get images just right. Won a few awards even. Enjoyed it immensely.

I told you that story to tell you this one.


What photographer Rob Atkins has done is downright AMAZING. His book, Earth River Sky: A Journey in Photographs Through Northern New Mexico (published by Glitterati Editions), transports you to places you never been before. I have traveled throughout the region. I have even been to many of the places captured in his images. And yet, with his images, I see those places in a whole new light. Taos Mountain in the dawn, the cave at Tsankawi, Ute Mountain. Awesome.  I want to road trip back there!


I am going to have to purchase one of those book holders that allow you to prop a book open on the coffee table because the cover does NOT do the book justice. It does reflect the title well though. Earth, river and sky combine to make a special place in the world – the corner of the Southwest known as northern New Mexico.

Feast With Fun

On the other end of the spectrum, this sweet little book is great for kids of all ages. Cakes for Kids: 40 Easy Recipes That Will Wow! (published by Gibbs Smith), includes simple cake recipes for holidays, birthdays, or any fun occasion. Want to teach some kids to cook? This will get them started, plus get their creative juices flowing as they decorate their cakes. Making a cake for a kids party – some great ideas in here!


The author, Juliette Lalbaltry is a food stylist who lives near Paris, France. She develops and writes recipes for magazines and for her blog. The photographer, Delphine Constantini is also based in France. The reason I say this book has a Southwest connection is that it is published by Gibbs Smith, based in Utah. Their tagline says “To enrich and inspire humankind.” This book is certainly inspiring. The book is also available in French – Hoje Há Festa!


Yes, I have a few books too – on “Our Products & Books” page. Father Kino’s Herbs: Growing and Using Them Today has a whole chapter devoted to using herbs in tasty ways.

savor-the-southwest-SouleIf you live in Southeastern Arizona, visit Monica King Saturdays at the Arivaca’s Farmers Market, or come to one of Dr.  Jacqueline Soule’s free lectures. We try to mention both on our Facebook page. We both have copies of Father Kino’s Herbs: Growing and Using Them Today (Tierra del Sol Institute Press). Note – the link is to Amazon and if you buy the book there we will get a few pennies.

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