There are many people that write about using plants and products of the Southwest.  A number of us have been writing about using Southwest plants since long (long!) before the electronic age. In books, magazines, newspaper columns etc.

Early History

In early September 2013, I (Jacqueline Soule) purchased the domain name for this .com site (Savor the SW) after a discussion with Carolyn Niethammer about forming a partnership to increase our readership and thus decrease the amount of work each of us had to do. (The idea was to have 4 folks and each of us do one week a month.) While non-techie me was trying to get the site set up, hosted, etc. Carolyn started on a free blogger site. I have been taught to respect my elders, so I “went along to get along.”

Savor Online

As time went by and we had get group togethers, I kept urging the group to switch to the hosted Savor site so we could sell our books, art, and other products. I also tried to train the other writers to reduce image size to load faster, improve SEO, etc. Through the years I paid for this .com domain name and had it hosted and maintained a static page sending people to our free blogger site.

In 2018, I started building the Savor the site so we could sell our books and products. In a meeting where we sat and discussed the topic I convinced the others we could make it happen, that I could shift the site to the .com. I went home to make it so and was dismayed to discover that I could no longer log into the free site. The password had been changed. I am greatly saddened by this break in what I had believed to be a friendly and mutually beneficial working relationship. Seriously saddened.

I do hope this note clarifies some questions people have about why there is now two sites with similar names.

I remain entirely willing to have the writers who are currently on the free site to publish on the Savor the site.  We can also offer their art and books if they wish. Whether they choose to or not is entirely up to them.

Dr. Jacqueline Soule, Editor

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