Being in a lasting relationship involves compromise. In ours, one issue is the ice cream flavor on the rare occasions we do buy ice cream. Rather than trade off over chocolate or vanilla and have one person grumpy, we buy basic vanilla and “doctor” it with home made toppings, nuts, and other tasty treats. (Don’t suggest Neapolitan – we both hate the strawberry.)


Enrich your Topping

You could just use plain honey to top your ice cream, but by making this topping you enrich the honey with the smooth taste of butter. Sure it adds calories, but you aren’t eating the whole batch at once! This is a treat to savor.

This doesn’t have to be an ice cream topping. Honey topping is just great over morning yogurt and granola, or drizzled over sliced canned fruit as a dessert. You could use it instead of honey on pancakes or waffles, and it’s also quite fine in a mesquite drink that I make in the cooler winter months (post to come).


Cooking Starch Selection

Starch helps thicken and stabilize the topping so the butter stays blended with the honey. I list cornstarch here, because that’s the way I learned to make it. If you hunt around, there are many other cooking starches out there, from a wide variety of plants – including arrowroot, tapioca, potato, rice, sweet potato, sago, mung bean and kuzu root.
If you use one of these other starches please share your results with us! You can use our Contact page or leave a note on Instagram or Facebook.


Honey Ice Cream Topping

4 tablespoons butter
2 teaspoons cornstarch or alternative
1 cup honey

Melt butter over a low heat.

Sprinkle in cooking starch and stir in.
While stirring, add honey and cook until the mixture boils.
Remove from heat.
Let this COOL before you lick the spoon!

Ideally store in glass containers in a cool location – like the fridge.

My favorite – make this topping and pour it over walnuts to let them soak up the flavor. Then use them with morning yogurt!

More cooking with honey tips on our blog – here.

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